Unlimited Dial-up Access

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Unmetered 56k Access
We offer quality dial-up Internet access. You can access the Internet's vast resources with your WebSurf account. From email to online stock trading, you have access to what the Internet has to offer. Our 56k modems fully support the v.90 protocol. This allows you to get good quality connections with very few problems. We do not allow busy signals, EVER!

With your WebSurf dialup account you get unlimited access to the internet, multiple e-mail addresses for your family members and 5Mb for a personal webpage. We also have high-quality, friendly tech support available to help you with your Internet questions and concerns. Contact us today!

Pricing for our dialup access is as follows:

Wichita - $45.00 per quarter OR $165.00 per year.
Newton - $45.00 per quarter OR $165.00 per year.
El Dorado - $45.00 per quarter OR $165.00 per year.
Pratt - $45.00 per quarter OR $165.00 per year.
Hutchinson - $45.00 per quarter OR $165.00 per year.
Kingman - $60.00 per quarter OR $185.00 per year.

To sign up, either visit our signup page or call us at (316) 945-7873.

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P.O. Box 9104, Wichita KS 67277-9104
phone: 316.945.7873     |     fax: 316.794.8359     |     toll-free: 1.877.329.1671

Tech Support Hours:   Monday - Friday: 8AM - 10PM; Saturday: 9AM - 5PM